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What’s Wrong with Your Career Search?

What’s Wrong with Your Career Search? December 8, 2018Leave a comment

Are you feeling that there’s something wrong as you search for a career?

After so many applications to jobs that seem like a perfect fit and yield no responses, after phone interviews that lead nowhere, and after on-site employer interviews that result in zero follow-up by recruiters (even if they said they would), you feel like you’re doing something wrong.

My name is Penny, Founder of 2Actify and I coach career seekers with a unique approach to landing a job that puts them in control of their messages, relationships and referrals that result from taking strategic networking actions.

The current job search system is a “talent elimination system”. Talented and skilled candidates are eliminated before their resume is seen. There are too many stories of lousy to non-existent follow-up by recruiters, even after a candidate spends a full day at an interview (if they can get that far). In the end, the talented, skilled candidate thinks they are doing something wrong or worse, that there is something wrong with them.

Candidates need to be confident and in touch with the values they offer to employers. After applying online and having these experiences, over and over, the enthusiasm and passion can get depleted.

My passion is to help career seekers prepare and find a rewarding position as they learn new skills. Referrals are golden. I show them how to get referrals as they expand their professional network, identify their value proposition, and have fun in the process.

If I am describing your circumstances and you’re prepared to take actions that generate career referrals, then let’s see if this program is for you.


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