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What is “Ghosting”?

What is “Ghosting”? April 10, 2019Leave a comment

“Ghosting” is getting a lot of press by recruiters since they are seeing an increase of “no shows” to interviews, or candidates are not showing up on their first day of work!  

 Of course, that’s really unprofessional and yet this poor communication also happens all the time to well qualified candidates.  That’s why the job application system is so broken.  If you want to make a change, you’ll need to take charge through an alternative route.

 One of the most common concerns by career seekers is their frequent experience when recruiters “ghost” them—when there is no communication during a job search, even after conversations or interviews that seem to be promising.  Candidates complain about the doubt cast on their job search and little or no communication or follow-up.  Without communication, the candidate begins to doubt their qualifications and confidence wanes.

 Is this the company culture employers want to display to potential employees from the get-go?  It could be part of the culture or the recruiter’s lack of communication skills.  Either way, the candidate pays the price by a lost opportunity.

Controlling your career search…

 My name is Penny, Founder of 2Actify and an advocate and coach for job seekers that want control of their career search.  When it comes to being “ghosted” by companies, sometimes this inexcusable behavior by the company representative can’t be avoided but there are actions you can take to mitigate poor communication. 

 Below are 3 actions that will help you control the outcomes of your phone screen or interview conversations:

 1) SET EXPECTATIONS: Ask: What does the hiring process look like when you want to move forward with a candidate?  

 2) FOLLOW-UP: Ask: What are the company’s expectations regarding follow-up from this meeting? (As a candidate, you demonstrate professional follow-up as they would expect from their employees).  

 3)  CONTACT: Ask: How can we keep the communication open (for questions, etc.) post interview? 

 In an online world, your reputation proceeds you, so regardless of the behavior of others, remain the professional you are.  Being professionally courteous should be mutual but accept that some people don’t have professional savvy and therefore the circumstances cannot be controlled.

 2Actify clients land positions because they generate a lot of career activity by building a referral network!  They get to talk with hiring managers and get referred or introduced—a “foot in the door”!

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