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Magnetic Profile

LinkedIn Headline and Summary Financial Leader Template

A template for creating a value-driven headline and summary that will make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Worksheet: How to Clearly State your Value Proposition

PDF: Secure career referrals and interview opportunities by stating your value in your resume, online profiles and conversations.

Magnetic Profile Summary Template

PDF: A step-by-step template guide that illustrates how to optimize all sections of your LinkedIn profile.

5 Steps that Lead to Career Networking Connections

PDF:  An overview of the steps you can take to generate connections that lead to career referrals.

Marketing Letter Template

PDF:  A template for creating a value-driven cover letter that will get you noticed.

Create a Custom LinkedIn Background

VIDEO: How to create a custom LinkedIn banner image using Canva.

Networking for Job Referrals

How to Prepare for a Networking Event

PDF:  A step-by-step guide that will prepare you for networking that converts to more connections and career opportunities.

How to Prepare for an Introductory Call with a New Connection

PDF:  A guide to prepare you for building or rekindling relationships that will lead to referrals.

Career Referral Tracking Tool

Google Sheet: Copy this template to your own drive to keep track of your outreach and connection pipeline.

Template for Connection Invites and Introductions

PDF:  Template for creating messages for your outreach, including connection invites, introductions and referral requests.

Recommendation Request Template

PDF: Learn how to increase your success rate at requesting and receiving professional recommendations.

How to have Conversations that Land Job Referrals

VIDEO: Learn the mindset-shift and approach for having relationship-building conversations that lead to career referrals.

Technology Leadership Playbook

PDF: Learn how to identify your leadership qualities and present yourself as a leader to others.

How to Stay in Touch with your Network

PDF:  By staying in touch with your network, and being mutual resources for each other, you’ll feel more confident about asking for job referrals.

Interview Preparation

Learn Important Interview Soft Skills

PDF:  A list of important soft skills and key interview questions that will help prepare your value proposition responses.

How to Prepare for Interviews

PDF:  A step-by-step guide that will prepare you for an interview that results in success.

Professional Resume Template

PDF: A template for creating a value-based resume that will help you stand out from the competition.

Learn the STAR Interview Method

PDF:  A step-by-step guide on telling a story about how you’ve previously made an impact. Use this process to answer the question: “Tell me a time when you…”

Interview Success Coaching
Winning Interview Strategies

PDF:  You’ve secured an interview, but how will you stand out from the competition? Turn interviews into offers by adopting these high-performance strategies.

Interview Presentation Template
Interview Presentation Template

Image Files: 5 image files that provide a Presentation Slide Framework to get buy-in on you as the premier candidate. Then create your own in Canva or Powerpoint.

ROI Calculation Tool
How to Present your ROI

PDF: A simple but effective formula that you can use to demonstrate how a prospective employer will get a faster return if they choose to invest in you.

How research will boost your value as a leadership candidate
How Research will boost your Value

PDF: This concise guide explains how to use basic research as part of your networking routine in order to boost your value as a leadership candidate.

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