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Three Icebreakers for Starting Professional Online Relationships

Three Icebreakers for Starting Professional Online Relationships November 4, 2017Leave a comment

Since you’re managing your online networking time to develop relationships with the right professionals, you want to increase your chances of a positive response when asking for a connection. Once you’ve determined that someone is an ideal connection for you, where can you look for SPECIFIC information to begin a conversation?

Here are three places to look and what to look for: 

1) Summary or Experience Key words: What do they identify as their own strengths? For example, a manager may describe her outstanding leadership skills. The key word to use in your meeting request message: leadership.  Acknowledge that they are a leader in the community of “_______.”

2) Recommendations will provide you with a different perspective on their skills. For example, a client may state that this person was “the most professional salesperson I’ve ever met.”  Mention that you read their recommendations and you noticed the high regard for their professional salesmanship.

3) Interests tells you about people they follow or groups they engage in. If their profile indicates they are members in groups outside of the profession stated in their headline, then use that key phrase to launch a conversation. For example, the marketing professional you want to meet may be in a few real estate groups, so a key icebreaker could be a short statement about real estate.

So take the time to learn and give them a reason to say “yes” to an introduction with you. When you refer to information you’ve learned and your communication really shows sincere interest, you’ll create a better opportunity to launch your professional relationship!

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