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The Value of Recommendations

The Value of Recommendations May 27, 2017Leave a comment

Cement Relationships with Recommendations

The best way to receive a recommendation is to provide a a recommendation.Recommendations validate the credibility of any professional and those you offer to connections will be remembered for years.

What do Recommendations Offer?

  • Recommendations validate expertise. Don’t be shy about asking and offering.
  • Relationships are cemented with recommendations.
  • When you write a recommendation, your name is posted and affiliated with the connection you recommended on LinkedIn.
  • A recommendation provides perspective into the character of the recipient for profile viewers.
  • Letters of recommendations can be used in various applications (newsletters, websites, etc.)
  • And, very importantly, when you are reaching out to build your network, read the recommendations in your prospective connection’s profile, make a sincere comment about what was said as you ask for the connection.
  • Once you receive a recommendation, it can be copied to other venues such as a website testimonial section or a newsletter (with the sender’s permission, of course).

How to Ensure an Outstanding Recommendation

Be specific about what the recommendation is for…when you spell it out, you make it easier for your connection to write the recommendation and you get exactly what you need posted on your profile.

  • Ask questions you want answered or a skill you want mentioned
  • Statement that they are recommending you.
  • Shoot for 20 recommendations on your profile.

Take the initiative… offer a recommendation your 1st connections and you’ll see, they will be happy to reciprocate.

What a great way to give back to your network!

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