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The Power of Groups: 4 HUGE Benefits of Online Groups

The Power of Groups: 4 HUGE Benefits of Online Groups June 27, 2017Leave a comment

“To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”—Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s new mission statement

Online Groups and their Members are your Tickets to Communities and Connections

How involved are you in your online community? Groups have many advantages for a career-seeker because they allow you to become involved in a community of professionals with similar interests.

When you stay involved with and contribute to a group, your voice and opinion is heard on any topic of interest.

EXAMPLE: I commented in a group to a corporate recruiter that began a discussion stating he would follow-up with every candidate he worked with.

Needless to say, his statement sparked a lot of discussion by both candidates and other recruiters. The candidates, in a word, said “Amen”−after all the hard work that goes into an application, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear that a recruiter would actually acknowledge them!

My comment, in favor of networking over job board applications, was well received by candidates because networking to build relationships is the only way they can control their job search destiny. They meet hiring managers and professionals with opportunities that recognize their skills and achievements. They develop relationships that last throughout their career rather than the control and structure of a company’s talent acquisition procedures.

Groups are a source of new relationships.  Although each social networking platform has multiple groups to which you can belong, selecting a few and staying involved by contributing will be noticed.

EXAMPLE: In another instance of commenting within a group, my response to a discussion resulted in a phone meeting with another group member that reached out to me on LinkedIn. She appreciated my comment and perspective and became a new client!

4 HUGE Advantages of Becoming a Group Member:

  1. You can express your opinions and grow your network organically with professionals that have similar interests. Other members appreciate your contributions and want to be connected. They come to you with information, discussion, opportunities, and referrals.
  2. As you are building your network, you’re learning and contributing along the way. This aspect of career-seeking can be truly enjoyable!
  3. You can message anyone in a group without being a first degree connection! Messages that you send directly to members help you grow your network, and may generate opportunities. Opportunities are connected to people.
  4. Although you can join a lot of groups, stay engaged in a few that really matter. Under SETTINGS for each group, make sure you’re notified of continued discussions. Then share with consistent involvement. Members of your group will come to know you and can keep you in mind for opportunities that arise.

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