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What Our Clients are Saying...

"Penny is very helpful, approachable and helped me convey my value and my story." - Hitesh

I was fortunate to come across Penny’s LinkedIn profile and impressed with Penny’s ability to quickly shift through my previous work and background. Her ability to gauge a person’s ability and industry insights to suggest potential roles and how to market myself was helpful. 2Actify made my profile to standout in the competition and I would recommend working with Penny as a career coach.


Vinay Gavirangaswamy, PhD
High-Performance Computing for Machine Learning Algorithms | Intelligent Software Systems

Penny has been my career mentor since early last year. While playing a supportive role during my resume building, all the phases of recent interviews as well as mock interviews, she has also been my guide on networking, time management, leadership and understanding my value proposition. Penny is a great listener and a committed and excellent career coach. And, of course, her friendly persona and optimism make her the perfect person to work with. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Penny to anyone who is looking for a strong mentor to help step up their networking and career profile.


Richa Shukla
Software Project Leader

“I look forward to networking now, the coaching really boosted my confidence. I highly recommend Penny and 2Actify.” - Michael

2Actify provided me with outstanding support, advice, interview preparation and much more. Penny provided guidance on presenting my value proposition in my resume, LinkedIn profile, networking and interviews. It has been 4 months since we arrived back in Manila in the middle of the pandemic. It was always going to be a challenge and being a non-citizen meant added paperwork and waiting. But thanks to 2Actify’s contributions, I received confirmation of my next position with a highly reputable company. I was accepted for ‘Executive Position – Lean Six Sigma Program Project Management. I received the news after a long interview process and will start in October 2021. The wait was frustrating but worth it and I am just so excited to make a new start. “We rise by lifting others”. Thank you for lifting me up during a pretty tough passage, it is much appreciated!

Testimonial from Gerhard Minnaar

Gerhard Minnaar
IT Program and Project Management Leader

Penny has a great system to help prepare and build for your next career move. She works thoroughly to first prepare your profile and resume for key objectives and then helps you build a strategy for networking. She went above and beyond to provide coaching at critical points to ensure you succeed at each step. I recommend her to anyone who wants to make a career move

Dharmesh Mistry

Dharmesh Mistry
Professional Services Executive for Global Teams, Customer Success & Partnerships that Drive Revenue & Growth

Thank you Penny for taking time out of your schedule to talk to me. The 2Actify program is easy to follow, and in a very short time you have helped me to markedly improve my profile. I’m determined to continue improving my profile and building my network, and I’m very grateful that you could share your expertise with me.


Shekerah P.
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

2Actify was an extremely informative webinar pertaining to utilizing LinkedIn to emerge as a professional in my relevant industry. I left feeling energized and motivated to tackle the suggestions, increase my networking, and pursue job opportunities. I would highly recommend this webinar to other students who are approaching the process of job applications. Penny was supportive, engaging, and clearly invested in helping everyone in the group.


Tenley B.
University of Vermont

“Coaching was beyond what I expected, primarily because of who Penny is. Focusing on what I bring to the table helped me to get the job.” - Indira

I was looking for work for several months. I was applying for jobs online over and over. I knew that finding jobs with my level of experience was seldom successful via online applications but I wasn’t comfortable going about it by asking all my contacts if they knew of any jobs – and those two approaches seemed like my best options. Penny showed me a different approach – strategic online networking. It was networking, not job searching. I had some reservations, but she walked me through the process and even provided me with some language for connecting (or reconnecting) with people that didn’t put me outside of my comfort zone. Her 2Actify strategy helped me land a job within 6 weeks – and the process itself was enjoyable because it was a great way to rekindle relationships I had with coworkers many years ago. She reviewed and helped me update my online profile so that when I started networking, the increase in job search activity was immediate, which provided the momentum I needed to continue moving forward. Penny was dedicated to supporting me through our 1-on-1 sessions, while networking, and as I took her 2Actify video course. I recommend you contact her if you’re
thinking about a change. She’s a committed, knowledgeable career coach that will empower you to find your next position and beyond.


Nate BeMiller
Head of Sales and Marketing

Penny was my career coach for strategic online networking on LinkedIn. She’s very knowledgeable and her tips and coaching helped me tremendously to overcome many of the hurdles I was facing in my networking strategy; she assisted me in learning how to project my skills and strengths in a way that makes it easier to access for my network. She’s very meticulous, follows up to ensure I was advancing in my approach to online networking, and very accessible to answer questions and provide help when needed. Her vision about networking is valuable not only when searching for a job, but for a lifetime of career advancement. I give her 2Actify program 10 out of 10 and would recommend anyone looking for advancing their career to work with her.


Abla Tannous
Senior Molecular & Cell Biologist | Biochemist

Penny is very knowledgeable and thorough. With her help I gained a better understanding of how to navigate the LinkedIn site and learned how to reach out to other users to broaden my network with individuals focusing on my area of interest. She helped me create a magnetic profile and resume that focuses on my skills and achievements. She provided me with excellent support and service. I will be implementing her suggestions and hope to find new career opportunities in the near future. Thank you Penny!


Jeenette Miller
Administrative Professional | Accounting Systems & Training | Client Services

Penny helped turn my resume into something that really expressed my experience. Comments on my prior resume were that it showed I bounced around a lot and did not have a focus. Now, I’m hearing that I have a wealth of knowledge in many different areas of expertise, which resulted in me being a top candidate in multiple job opportunities. I also did a lot better in my interviews and found my new position


Tracy Young, PhD
Associate Director of Protein Engineering at Amunix Pharmaceuticals

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Penny Pearl, a career strategist and coach who I engaged with for my career search. Penny is very easy to talk to and creates a non-judgmental and safe environment by understanding her client’s situation coupled with asking the right questions. Our work together led to a paradigm shift for shedding my limiting beliefs that were preventing me from achieving my goal. Penny’s 2Actify Program is comprehensive and my CV and LinkedIn profile were transformed into dynamic and vibrant documents. During the interview process, whether it was with recruiters or potential employers, Penny’s training and support proved invaluable in instilling confidence to answer tough questions. She has been an active participant and guide during the entire process of a job search that resulted in finding my new position. If you want an approach that allows you to confidently demonstrate your value for new opportunities, Penny will be there with you all the way.


Indira Krishnan
Research Associate in Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School (Laboratory of Dr.Marc Kirschner)

Penny’s 2Actify Program and personalized coaching for online networking has tremendously benefited our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the iJOBS program. They are able to highlight their unique skills and personalities through her suggestions to enhance their LinkedIn profiles. Their improved profiles have helped them increase their network and cultivate their contacts thus leading to a number of our trainees landing their first job. Her attention to the individual and their specific situation has resulted in positive outcomes. We have offered 2Actify training through our career development program called iJOBS program and Penny has been very flexible with different sized groups, schedules, and formats depending on the needs of the trainees. She has motivated those who felt like they would never find a job and increased their confidence with her personalized one-on-one sessions. I highly recommend 2Actify modules and coaching to anyone who is on the job market.


Janet Alder
Associate Professor/Assistant Dean Graduate Academic | Student Affairs at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

The 2Actify webinar showed the different ways LinkedIn can be used to network, find jobs, and display our work as emerging professionals. It was very clear and simple in delivery, making it easy to follow. Tips that were demonstrated on how to effectively use LinkedIn that were not obvious to me, will have a big impact on the way I use the website moving forward in my job search. The program provided great insight and advice that felt genuine and credible.


James L.
City of Aurora

Working with Penny was one of my most positive, confidence-building professional experiences! Thank you for encouraging me and being there to help me — I am looking forward to starting my new position! My transformation has included learning how to communicate my achievements and skills to potential employers as well as my network. Through your 2Actify program, I’ve learned the value of networking and building relationships with other professionals as a mutual resource. I recommend your career coaching services to other scientists that are ready to grow beyond their research and expand their education to build professional relationships that will open up new opportunities


Shizu Watanabe
Research Scientist | Entomology & Plant Patholog

Penny is exceptionally skilled at helping job seekers communicate their value to prospective employers. She is competent, knowledgeable, and personable. After doing freelance industrial design work on some very rewarding projects for almost two years, I wanted to move to a full time position. I missed the camaraderie of working on a team. Penny taught me all of the skills necessary to land a full-time position in my desired field. She taught me how to network, how to attract the attention of recruiters with a great LinkedIn profile, and how to communicate my skills during interviews. With Penny’s help, I was able to land a great job in my desired field within 3 months. I can confidently say that Penny’s advice and coaching was the determining factor in my ability to communicate my skillset to employers and secure my dream job. Most importantly, Penny genuinely cares about her clients. Even after our contract was up, she still regularly asked me if I had any questions or needed advice. That is a true display of integrity! I would highly recommend Penny for anyone who needs guidance on their job search.


John Mauriello
Industrial Designer | Design Strategist | Design Educator

I had the privilege of working with Penny through the Rutgers iJobs program. She is an expert in her field. She helped me think how I can project my skills, strengths and work experiences to build a powerful LinkedIn profile. She guided me the right way to strategically network on LinkedIn and I now feel more confident in making important career connections. Apart from that she is a very good listener, who would first try to understand the needs of her mentee before providing her input. I personally feel that her 2Actify program is extremely beneficial in today’s world where networking has become an extremely important part of career growth.


Nisha Mittal, PhD, MBA, PMP
Senior Scientist | Organic Chemist | Expertise in Drug Development | Leadership & Project Management Skills

It’s been a pleasurable experience working with Penny and the 2Actify program in my career development. I learned a lot of useful skills from this program that was not available from my school, such as how to improve my profile and resume. I was provided with detailed guidance that also enabled me to introduce myself to other people with similar backgrounds and expand my social network. Actually, before I joined this program, I only used LinkedIn as a job posting board.


Linghui (Lydia) Li
Protein Chemist | Mass Spec Group | Analytical Research and Development | Protein Characterization | Lab Management

I have been an instructional designer for many years with a steady stream of corporate clients. When I decided to work full time for a company, I found the coach that quickly showed me how to “break the code” for career seeking. Penny’s approach was transformational for me—I got my dream job in record time! Her strategy empowered me to leverage my network and find a rewarding position within a company. But, not just any company—I was looking to land my dream job. By reinventing my online profile, it helped me articulate my value proposition in all of my written communication, referral conversations and interviews. Then, leveraging my current network and applying a relationship building strategy through her 2Actify process generated amazing activity! I had multiple contract opportunities and recruiters reaching out to me. Although it was appealing to accept new contract business, Penny kept me focused on my goal of a full time position and even on short notice, was available to support me in a conversation or to check my online communication. Penny is knowledgeable in online networking and relationship building skills and committed to her client’s success. She offers a powerful resource that can make a job search challenging and exciting with the outcome of finding the job you dreamed of!


Aliza Aber
Instructional Design | Google

I first would like to start by saying thank you for the help I received from 2Actify. It has been profound in my search for jobs and relocation to Seattle. Their recommendation on improving my profile was very thorough and I learned that even the smallest of details go a long way. For example, just by switching out the words in my Headline I was able to notice more views on my account by the target audience I was trying to bring to my profile. I was able to listen in to some of the prerecorded presentations of 2Actify and gained a lot of insight on attracting more of my target audience and stand out from the rest. Prior, I had a lot of difficulties connecting with employers and users in the Seattle area, but with the guidance of 2Actify, I have already secured a couple interviews with companies there! This pristine knowledge will help me in the future and where my career takes me.


Bryan B.
Worcester Polytechnic institute

Penny is a wonder to work with on every level. She was attentive, listened to my advice, put together solid plans, and put actual work into her business. You can really feel how much she believes in what she does (I don’t get that feeling with clients often). Penny is an amazingly capable and realistic businesswoman. I would highly recommend her for anything that comes her way.


Social Media | Copy | WordPress | Marketing | Small Business Brand Specialist

As a result of what I learned about networking from 2Actify, I found my first position exactly the way they described it could happen! I believe networking helped me land my new position directly out of grad school. I told my mentors what my goals were and started reaching out to nutrition managers early on. Lucky for me one of my mentors knew the nutrition manager with my new employer.  I’m motivated and plan on continually building my network and developing relationships.


University Student, Graduated | Masters in Dietetics

I first would like to start by saying thank you for the help I received from 2Actify. It has been profound in my search for jobs and relocation to Seattle. Their recommendation on improving my profile was very thorough and I learned that even the smallest of details go a long way. For example, just by switching out the words in my Headline I was able to notice more views on my account by the target audience I was trying to bring to my profile. I was able to listen in to some of the prerecorded presentations of 2Actify and gained a lot of insight on attracting more of my target audience and stand out from the rest. Prior, I had a lot of difficulties connecting with employers and users in the Seattle area, but with the guidance of 2Actify, I have already secured a couple interviews with companies there! This pristine knowledge will help me in the future and where my career takes me.


Margaret (Molly) M.
University of Vermont

It is rare that you come across a mentor like Penny. I had the pleasure of working with her to advance my online networking skills through her 2Actify course that was offered through my graduate university. I was particularly impressed by Penny’s creativity and passion for teaching as well as online networking. She was always willing to answer all of my questions and meet with me one on one to develop the best online profile that professionally suited me. Her positive attitude, constant encouragement, and knowledge of networking made the course memorable and effective. Penny is a true leader in her field and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.


Michelle F.
Rutgers University

2Actify was an engaging webinar that provided a thorough overview of LinkedIn and described how it can help me network within my field and stand out as a candidate for jobs. It made the daunting topic of job searching appear more manageable by listing specific steps I can take to improve my profile. I would definitely recommend 2Actify to anyone using LinkedIn to find a job and develop career connections. I had new connection requests from other professionals in my field just a few hours after making some of the changes that were recommended.


Amy S.
University of Vermont

I wanted to let you know how much the Master of Science and Dietetics students and I appreciated the time and effort spent on the four 2Actify presentations. We all learned a great deal and now have a much fuller understanding of how to use social media and specifically LinkedIn to create a professional public profile that can be used in a job search. The students were very engaged in the material and the presentations and will most likely work on their profiles extensively once they have finished their rotations and comprehensive exam.
I wanted to be sure to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated your time, efforts and for sharing your professional expertise with us through the 2Actify program.
Thank you.


Sylvia G.
University of Vermont

I think the components of the 2Actify sessions that were the most informative and helpful for me were the templates for sending messages to people you wish to include in your network. I’ve had LinkedIn Premium with access to the messaging feature for quite some time, but have always been unsure how to approach or reach out to connections professionally. Now I have a resource to rely on. I thought the 2Actify content was straight forward in its presentation, and that the narration and slides were helpful and easy to understand. I would recommend the course because of this, and because I wish I’d had it as a resource when I graduated from college and initially set up my profile. I’m planning on implementing changes over the next few weeks to update my profile and hopefully make connections in a different city so I can find new career opportunities there. I was unaware you should set your city on your profile to where you want to relocate to/be working. Another useful takeaway!


Kimberly P.
Freelance Writer

As a member of the Dean’s Council for UCSD’s Jacob’s School of Engineering and as a person who works with adults in transition, I have an eye for tools that can help people – college students to mid-life adults – succeed in making a successful transition to a new life opportunity. Penny, the Founder of 2Actify, popped up on my radar screen as someone with a unique and useful tool. I have since had her speak at SING, the St. Isidore Networking Group, in Danville, CA which has served over 6,000 executives and professionals since the Dot.Com crash in 2001. She drew a big crowd and a big applause. I have also been working with her to introduce this as a tool for graduating seniors and graduate students at UCSD. Our “test” student got immediate traction and has numerous interviews lined up. 2Actify is on to something.


Thomas M. Loarie
Co-Founder, CEO & board member, Dean’s Council, Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD, advisory board member for Enterprise Ireland & Healthcare Angels

The 2Actify course provides directly applicable information and practices for online networking that have been extremely helpful in my career search. Taking the course has empowered and motivated me to turn increasingly toward online networking as an avenue for career seeking and an alternative to applying through job boards. Their team is very supportive and attentive, and it’s clear they’re committed to continuing to improve what is already an outstanding resource for job seekers. I would highly recommend the 2Actify program to other recent grads, or anyone looking to find the ideal next step in their career.


University Student | Graduated | Biological Engineering

As someone who is new to LinkedIn, and networking on a professional level in general, I feel that I gained a better understanding on how to operate the site, as well as on how to reach out and connect to other users. The webinar was and thorough and I was able to have my questions answered. Additionally, the webinars made it especially easy to follow along and get a visual representation of what I was learning.


Taylor B.
University of California, Davis

2Actify prepared and delivered an instructive, meaningful webinar on the basics of LinkedIn for my students who will graduate in May (preparing for careers as nutrition professionals/registered dietitian nutritionists). The content was relevant and accessible; and the presentation was paced so that everyone remained engaged. Students felt that the webinar was extremely helpful (same held true for me, their Program Director & Advisor) and every one of them has created a LinkedIn account since their introduction to LinkedIn. Great job!‬


Amy N.
University Program Director for Masters in Dietetics Program

The 2Actify presentation offered a thorough and well-organized introduction to the LinkedIn network. Under their direction, I have begun to build a professional profile that highlights my skills and experience and also enhances my appeal in the eyes of potential future employers. As I complete my graduate training and prepare to embark on my chosen career, I will utilize my newfound expertise using LinkedIn to forge meaningful connections in order to secure my dream job.


Rebecca O.
University of Vermont

I met Penny through Rutgers iJOBS program and I am very glad that I did. From the initial meeting, Penny was prepared with ideas and suggestions to not just improve my profile visibility but also focusing on my confidence in approaching potential job providers. I found growing my network to be a bit challenging through LinkedIn as you often do not have the personal connection you make in networking events but Penny through 2Actify provided me with the tools and techniques to make the interactions stand-out.


Vaidhy Mahaganapathy
Computational Biologist

2Actify Career Strategy Coaching... be your own success story!

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