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Steps that Enhance Your Career Opportunities

Steps that Enhance Your Career Opportunities June 10, 2023Leave a comment
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TODAY CAN BE THE DAYS OF OPPORTUNITY for those that show their unique value and how they make a difference.  

The Silver Lining for beating the odds is in defining what you offer and communicating how an employer will benefit by investing in you.

Taking Inventory of Your Unique Value 

Today’s job market has its uncertainty, but there is a way where you can carve out certainty for yourself and become inspired.  

This Harvard Business Review ARTICLE provides a positive perspective when times are unpredictable: The Upside of Feeling Uncertain About Your Career.

When you hit a snag in your career and exploring a variety of possibilities, you may want to discover “buried treasures”—those events that demonstrated your skills, led to change, and in reflection, were enjoyable.  Reflect on:

  • The value and business impacts that have made a difference
  • What you’re exceptionally skilled at 
  • What you’ve enjoyed in your career

Evaluating Your Career

  1. Do you prefer a familiar career or are you open to being adventurous?
  2. What do you need to add?
  3. What challenging actions are you willing to take for discovering the possibilities?

Begin taking inventory with this VALUE PROPOSITION WORKSHEET

At 2Actify, we partner with TECHNOLOGY AND OPERATIONS EXECUTIVES that take action and prove their value to prospective employers.  They know how to demonstrate why they make an impact with a fast return on the company’s investment in them.

Our programs are designed for the committed, take-action professionals that invest in their career development.  They quickly realize faster advancement opportunities and higher compensation.  

Schedule a call to discuss how to promote your value and articulate why you offer an outstanding ROI.  The 2Actify WEBSITE offers tools and program descriptions that can help you discover and communicate your unique value propositions.  
Learn an approach to Strategizing Your Career…

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