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5 Signs that Your Job Interview Went Well

5 Signs that Your Job Interview Went Well August 31, 2020Leave a comment

Knowing how you presented yourself during an interview is not always easy.

You inevitably wonder: how did it go? Did I present myself as a viable candidate to make it to the next step in the hiring process?  Did I leverage the relationships within the company that landed me the referral to this hiring manager?

If you were referred, you’re in a more advantageous position with the hiring manager before you even meet.  To help you evaluate how you did, take a look at our list of 5 signs that your job interview went well.

Their Communication Shows Interest

An interviewer will tell you directly that they like your background, experience and what you can contribute to the role—if you’ve made your value propositions clear throughout the process.  If they tell you that you seem to be a good fit and use language that shows they’re already anticipating you’ll “have a desk” at the company, that’s a good signal. For example, they may say: “this will be your work area” or they’ll talk about the online/work from home environment. If members of their team are available, they may introduce you and ask you about your availability and about other companies you’re interviewing at, in order to gauge the competition.

They Try to Convince You

When an interviewer is not interested, they may cut the interview short and mention the next thing that they need to do on their to-do list. However, when an interviewer thinks that you are a good fit, they will often go into the specific details of the job that you are applying for. If they believe that you are on exceptional candidate, they may even try to convince you to work at the company and positive aspects of your new the role, such as the benefits and advancement opportunities. Sometimes, the details can make the interview go on longer than expected—another good sign that your job interview went well.

The Interview Becomes Friendly

When an interview goes from being serious to being friendly, it indicates that the interviewer is becoming comfortable with you. A more casual conversation can help build an authentic connection and a good fit for the company culture. If the interviewer seems enthusiastic about you and asks specific questions about your skills, experience and what you “bring to the table”, it’s also a good indicator that your job interview went well.

They Discuss Next Steps

Before an interview ends, ask about the next steps and when you can expect to hear back. Sometimes, an interviewer will say that they still have other candidates to interview and will let you know about their decision to move forward. But when an interviewer starts to discuss next steps in detail without you even asking…now, that’s a good sign that they will probably move forward with you in their hiring process! Requesting references, is also a positive indicator.

They Respond to You Quickly

Hearing back quickly is a great sign of interest and a signal that the your job interview went well.  Reply back quickly so you can move to the next steps and continue to demonstrate your value.

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