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Schmoozing is Disruptive

Schmoozing is Disruptive May 22, 2017Leave a comment


Does the word drum up negative and inauthentic patterns for relationship building?  How about “Networking”?

When you’re going through a job search, both are disruptive to a formal candidate selection process yet the best choice for you when looking for a job!

Networking has been around for a long time!

Networking disrupts us and takes us out of our comfort zone.

Networking also interferes with the objectivity of an applicant tracking system (ATS), technology that filters for key words to determine if you make it to the next step with a recruiter—a full 6 second scan to determine if you make the cut.  What’s next?  An online assessment test, perhaps?

Consider how EASY networking can be compared to using job boards!

“I’ll take networking over job boards any day!”

Call it what you want, but in order to strengthen and shorten your pathways to success, you’ll increase your odds of attaining a rewarding career by building new relationships.

In fact, networked businesses and people tend to be open, and supportive rather than managed, selective, and controlling. Why feel uncomfortable with networking when it can be a very enriching experience?

You’ll approach people you don’t know and build relationships with those that value in you as a professional, not as a stack of key words. Take a look at this study done with 200 career seeking students.

About 80% of the available jobs are a result of networking (not  job board applications).  It’s the best way to find your next job!

By networking…

  1. You learn more about your own strengths when you meet new people.
  2. You learn more about other professionals, their careers and your opportunities, including jobs, referrals, mentors and experiences.
  3. With each meeting where you engage with others, you become a smarter version of yourself!

Last semester of senior year is not the ideal time to begin networking.  Begin marketing yourself early in your college days because you cannot rush building relationships.   If you begin working your network early, develop relationships and keep up with your connections, then, believe it or not, those that get to know you will seek you out.

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