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Refresh Your Career Search Through Relationships

Refresh Your Career Search Through Relationships June 4, 2017Leave a comment

Take a VACATION from JOB BOARDS.  Activate Your Networking Strategy for New Relationships and Opportunities!

Let’s face it, job boards don’t create overwhelming responses for a career search and they don’t make the career seeker feel valued. Why stick to the routine of applying to job boards when there is no return?

Building Relationships, Growing your Network

Have fun—go online, attend events and meetings that have your ideal audience and build new relationships. It’s time to change patterns and try new, creative strategies that get results.  Your option is to do more of the legwork and reach out to build relationships with people you know, hiring managers from companies you’re interested in, colleagues, and recruiters.

The best way to feel valued during the job search is to begin meeting your network and building relationships as early as possible through online networking.  People you know appreciate your skills and are the best source of opportunities and referrals. 

Now that we’re in the summer months, many connections are in a more relaxed mode. Fill your spare time and pump up your networking activity for results with these valuable tips.

And, once you change your job search strategy to networking, meeting people and developing relationships, you have a better chance of attaining your career goals.  Then, you can take the type of vacation with white sand, blue ocean and blowing palm trees.

For career-seekers, put your energy into your relationships and get a return.

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