OWN YOUR VALUE company workshop

own RETAIN & ATTRACT leaders with the most powerful career development program your company can offer when they know how to articulate and present their own value. 

They will thank you by staying and growing your company. 

THE GREAT RESIGNATION...Turbulent and uncertain times are here:  84% of workers say that poorly trained  managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress.

What would a "quick hit" success look like for your senior leaders when they find and present their own value?

Complement your Career Development Programs with the OWN YOUR VALUE WORKSHOP...

ADAPT by empowering leaders and teams to advance their careers and stay when they know their own value from the inside out.

REBOOT with the OWN YOUR VALUE Workshop enabling leaders to present their value and set the example

ACCELERATE & SCALE by developing confident leaders that stay, impact and grow with the company.

Build Leadership Confidence that drives new company solutions and opportunities.

Speed Advancement with a human-centric approach to leadership.

Empower and Engage leaders for immediate impact as they discover their value and advance as solution providers and the future of the company.

Fast ROI for retaining key contributing talent rather than the cost of replacement.


Scaled Leadership, Influence & Collaborations

Enhanced Performance & Advancement Opportunities 

Growth through Confidence, Promotions &  Compensation

Improved Resources & Employee Community Involvement

Company Leaders that Own Their Value will Accelerate their Career and Grow the Company

"Great tools that allowed me to make a paradigm shift."

Owning His Value is what affected his promotion...
"In my new role, I’m excited to see how I can transform myself for bigger and better opportunities within the company."

"Your magic is already working quickly!  I've never had to think in this much detail about my experience and working a muscle that I've never used. I see how this will help with my career conversations in the future.”

"It's not the list of responsibilities and tasks of my work, the value of what I've done is in the business impact."

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