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Online Networking Techniques to Bank On for Your Career

Online Networking Techniques to Bank On for Your Career June 2, 2018Leave a comment

Making Quality Connections with Online Networking for Your Career

Your professional network should always grow. The reality, though, is that there’s a limit to those you can come to know really well. Plus, you will always find inner and outer circles, even within your first degree network.

A targeted network has professionals in your preferred careerYou are connecting to develop relationships and establish mentors with professionals where you can become mutual resources. Let’s discuss how to network for your career with the intent of making quality connections.

What are examples of quality connections? 

  • Alumni professionals that graduated with the same education as you and are employed in a field you’re also interested in.
  • Professionals that have a similar job you’re interested in pursuing. Connect to engage in a general conversation about their career path during an “information only” session.
  • Referral opportunities by those that have posted or shared a job their company is looking to fill.  They are spreading the work and it’s in your field. They are not in HR and can refer you to a hiring manager.
  • Professionals in a leadership position within a company you’re interested in pursuing for employment.  Ask them for an introduction as you want to learn more about the company on the basis of it being and informational only discussion.
  • Referrals from your first degree connections in a similar field or who work for a company of interest and may be able to refer you to a hiring manager.

Why Online Networking?

  • To become familiar with the skills, accomplishments, and values of your connections.
  • So your connections become familiar with YOUR skills, accomplishments and values.
  • To demonstrate and act on mutually beneficial professional exchanges with your connections
  • So the professionals in your network will help youand you will help them—when looking for a new position, recommendation or referral.
  • To learn about job types and opportunities

Creativity and strong communication skills are a must as you deliver messages requesting meetings and sharing content.  Landing a phone or face-to-face meeting with a connection is a bridge to an opportunity.  You want to have a lasting impact on the relationship.

“How do you develop a strong personal presence? Day by day, present yourself with awareness and intention as you inch closer to your goal of strong impact.”

Creating a Powerful Personal Presence to Influence and Engage by Dianna Boohe

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