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Recently laid off or worried about job security?  You need a fast kick-start. With a narrow job market and stiff competition, it's time to take a different approach!


FACT: Applying for jobs online yields a low return for your time and effort. It also takes commitment to a proven strategy for generating career opportunities faster.

If you know the job you want to pursue and you're willing to do the work, we'll guide you on how to get there.

Not everyone qualifies for this program. It takes dedication to specific actions that will lead to success. Our clients have proven it!

Kick-starting your career is do-able with the right strategy, roadmap and guide.
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The Problem

Most people still approach their job searching through job boards and remain totally dependent on their resume and profile, then get in line with the other 200-400+ competing candidates. Yet it’s been proven that applying for jobs has an extremely high failure rate. Most applicants, in fact, never even receive a response, so this approach can be extremely disheartening, leading many job seekers to either settle for whatever is offered, or just remain where they are. The cost of this, to both your career AND your personal finances, can be very high.

85% of the time, jobs offers come from networking, NOT from applying online!

Now, this doesn't mean that you need to abandon applying online entirely. But it does mean that there is a much smarter way to go about it if you want results fast!

The Solution

If you're unemployed, recently laid off, or just worried about your job security, then there is a solution. At 2Actify, we teach the specific career activity needed to fast-track your career progression.  It works!

The 2Actify 30-Day Kick-Start Career Strategy puts you in control!

In just 30 days, you'll learn how to...

  • Identify your own Value Proposition to articulate how you impact business.
  • Grow and manage your professional network effectively.
  • Find the Hiring Managers that are actively seeking what you have to offer.
  • Attract and Track your outreach and introductions to key contacts and hiring managers.
  • Hone your communications skills and promote your expertise.

When it comes to securing that next job, there are no prizes for second place.

Differentiate yourself and take actions over the next 30 days that will affect how the rest of your career can grow!

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Discover the 2Actify 30-Day Kick-Start Career Strategy

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Penny Pearl

Who are we?

2Actify is an advanced strategic networking system and coaching program, designed to empower you to generate your own career opportunities, without relying on job board applications that just don't work.

At 2Actify, we help tech industry professionals to advance to more senior roles and better paid career opportunities FASTER!


"2Actify has a great system to help prepare and build for your next career move. They work thoroughly to first prepare your profile and resume for key objectives, and then help you build a strategy for networking. They go above and beyond to provide coaching at critical points to ensure your success."

Dharmesh Mistry

Dharmesh Mistry
Professional Services Executive

"2Actify provided me with outstanding support, advice and interview preparation. Penny provided guidance on presenting my value proposition in my resume, LinkedIn profile, networking and interviews. Thanks to 2Actify, I received confirmation of a new executive position with a highly reputable company."

Testimonial from Gerhard Minnaar

Gerhard Minnaar
IT Program and Project Management Leader

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