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INFLUENCER Coaching Program

2Actify Career Strategy Coaching... advance your career faster!

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You Are As Strong As Your Network

Congratulations, you’ve landed the job! But the importance of successful networking doesn’t end there. Securing a new professional role is really another opportunity to advance and a chance to exceed the expectations of your managers and peers. Set up your future career path through solid performance and continued strategic networking.

Influencer Coaching Program
Plot your own career trajectory

If you are like most business professionals, then it’s highly likely that you were introduced to your new job by someone within your network. You put yourself out there, shared your value proposition and presented yourself as the solution that employers and hiring managers were looking for.

You realize now how valuable business relationships can be. You’ve secured the job… but what are your next steps?

One thing that is abundantly clear is that those who continue to invest in their professional development are the ones who have control over their own career trajectories.

The 2Actify Influencer Coaching Program helps technology professionals to maximize career growth through the continued development of their networking skills.

The Influencer Program will help you to…
  • Develop your plan for strategic networking for continued career advancement.
  • Grow and deepen your colleague and peer relationships.
  • Present yourself as a resource for colleagues and peers.
  • Become a magnetic leader and open doors on advancement opportunities.
  • Develop skills and strategies to stand-out as an influencer within your area of expertise.
What you can expect

2 hours of intensive one-on-one career strategy coaching per month.

One of many success stories

A recent client, having secured a new position through our Individual Career Strategy Coaching program, had been in his new role for just 2.5 months. By applying the skills he learned, including relationship building strategies, he proved himself to be a higher-value leader and contributor than his employer has realised at the time of appointment. This resulted in a rapid internal promotion to a more senior role, along with higher compensation. He’s now being fast-tracked within his organisation… and you can be too!


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Influencer Coaching Program


Per Month

2 hours Intensive One-on-One Coaching

Email / Telephone Support Included

PLEASE NOTE: The Influencer Coaching Program is based on an initial 3 month agreement, renewable on a rolling monthly basis thereafter.
What the fees cover

The Influencer Coaching Program is based on an initial 3 month agreement, renewable on a rolling monthly basis thereafter.

This is a time-based coaching program. The monthly fee covers a full 2 hours each month and any email or telephone support provided between coaching sessions will count towards the 2 hours. Any additional time beyond the 2 hours shall incur additional fees at the rate of $375 per hour.

Unused time does not rollover into subsequent months.

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