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Do You Have A Career Strategy?

One of the most common frustrations we hear about from Industrial Designers like yourself, is how much time they spend searching for jobs online, submitting resumes and receiving no response.

If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, then believe me, you’re far from alone!

Industrial Designers
Why Technology Professionals struggle to find jobs

Most people still approach their job searching through advertised job boards, remaining totally dependent on their resume and profile. Yet it’s been proven that applying for jobs in this traditional way has an extremely high failure rate. In fact, most applicants never even receive a response. This approach can be very disheartening and frequently leads job seekers to settle for whatever is on offer, even if it’s not a job that they particularly want, or one that makes best use of their skills.

Effective career seeking requires a strategy and goes well beyond online applications, passing around a resume, or creating a profile.

This is where 2Actify can help!

Why people find jobs faster with 2Actify

2Actify’s career strategy programs help technology professionals to not only find the right job faster, but to also attract multiple opportunities with increased compensation.

When you market yourself using the proven 2Actify system, you learn to engage with the right professionals and receive referrals directly to hiring managers that are in the market for your skills. The foundation of your value proposition strengthens and abundant opportunities quickly begin to come your way. Now, instead of working at a single job offer, you have career choices!

Not only that, but you will also learn the essential ‘soft skills’ that can fast-track your career progression and lead to significantly higher financial compensation. Skills that will stay with you for the duration of your professional career.


Developing a winning career strategy begins with a single telephone conversation. Click below to book your Free Discovery Call today!

IMPORTANT: When you book your Free Discovery Call with us, you are under no obligation to use our services. The Discovery Call is an opportunity for us to learn a little about each other and to find out what your professional challenges and aspirations are. When the call is over, you will have a better understanding of the opportunities that will affect your career trajectory. We will also provide you with access to some great free career tools that you can use going forward.

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