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Individual Career Strategy Coaching

2Actify Career Strategy Coaching... advance your career faster!

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Develop A Winning Career Strategy

Want to become the preferred ‘candidate of choice’ for employers, recruiters, hiring managers and talent seekers? There is no better way of preparing yourself, than by implementing 2Actify’s proven career advancement strategy.

Here’s what you can expect to find inside when you join our exclusive program!

When you join the 2Actify Individual Strategy Coaching Program…
  • You’ll have a CUSTOM AND PERSONAL LONG-TERM career growth strategy, acquire new communication skills, articulate your value proposition, and be trained on how to network on LinkedIn, enabling you to reconnect with your network and build relationships that turn into opportunities.
  • You’ll communicate AS A CONFIDENT LEADER and succeed at interviews when you implement a new approach that projects your value and identifies you as the solution provider to the employer’s challenges.
  • You’ll have access to a library of tools such as skills exercises, messaging templates and guides for strategic career conversations that will make your networking more effective for referrals to opportunities.
  • You’ll implement an action-taking system that will help you achieve your career goals.
  • You’ll have a value-based resume and profile that ATTRACTS hiring managers.
  • You’ll have access to a highly qualified team of career strategists who will work closely with you every step of the way.

Each one-hour session includes a plan for your strategic career networking, time-saving tools, as well as networking actions to keep you focused and engaged so that you ACHIEVE YOUR CAREER GOALS.

Two high-impact programs for ambitious career seekers

Our Individual Career Strategy Coaching is available right now in two unique, high-impact programs. The BASIC PROGRAM, created for professionals that know their true worth and are not prepared to settle for career stagnation. And the PREMIUM PROGRAM, designed for career-hungry professionals that are determined to accelerate the process, attract the most lucrative offers and receive compensation at the top end of the scale.

Take a look below to see which program is right for you!

SESSION1: Discovery

  • Review your Value Propositions.
  • Identify your career objectives and timing.
  • Agree to specific actionable goals, such as identifying companies, communication and accountability for taking actions.
  • Resume and professional LinkedIn profile review.

SESSION 2: Outreach Phase 1 – Strategy and Execution

  • Strategize whom to reach out to, where to find ‘leads’ and use filters.
  • Review messaging that leads to meetings – you’ll receive templates and full training on building connections and having networking conversations.
  • Track your outreach to measure activity, progress and results.

SESSION 3: Outreach Phase 2 – Progress

  • Review outreach execution strategy to measure progress.
  • Review the different sources and filters for finding perfect prospective connections.
  • 30 minutes of role-play, practice conversations and delivering the Value Proposition.

SESSION 4: Career Conversations and Referrals

  • Strategize career conversations that land career referrals.
  • Practice relationship building skills as part of the role play.
  • Review the key steps required for interview preparation.

SESSION 5: Interview Role-Play

  • Be prepared for your interview and ready to confidently deliver your value Proposition.
  • Role-play an interview with a ‘hiring manager’, using a job description for a position you’re interested in pursuing and our interview preparation tools.

SESSION 6: Creating and Posting Content to your Network

  • We will show you easy-to-use tools and a process for developing content to create, as well as how to present it professionally.
  • Learn a proven system for staying in touch with your network to proclaim your leadership, deepen relationships and influence other professionals.

Get BOTH programs! Join the PREMIUM STRATEGY COACHING PROGRAM and, in addition to the BASIC PROGRAM above, you will also benefit from…

4 additional high-impact one-on-one sessions (that’s 10 sessions in total) designed to help you determine and visualize the career path that you really want, before embarking on your job search strategy.


The PREMIUM STRATEGY COACHING PROGRAM precedes the Individual Program and includes 4 additional career-changing sessions that will help to define and cement your future as a professional in your field.

You will gain Clarity on your Career Direction, allowing you to determine the career goals that are right for you and that you wish to pursue. You will…

  • Create a vision for your career track, identifying your values, strengths and goals.
  • Define your work history and skill sets.
  • Examine your current professional network.
  • Develop a plan for your professional branding based on your strengths (leadership, collaboration and communication).

The additional 4 sessions will ensure that you are able to clearly present your business leadership and communications skills through…

  • CAREER CLARITY: Determine the career goals that are right for you and that you wish to pursue.
  • PHYSIOLOGY: Make the mindset shift that will influence how you broadly present your leadership.
  • HOW YOU DEFINE SUCCESS: Let your presentation reflect your new-found Confidence, Magnetism, and Focus.
  • PERCEPTION: Change your language to broaden how others perceive your skills as a leader.

The skills that you learn from this additional coaching can be implemented immediately and are the perfect preparation for the 6 INDIVIDUAL STRATEGY COACHING SESSIONS (see details above), allowing you to truly maximize your results.

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