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How To Energize Your Career & Move Up

How To Energize Your Career & Move Up January 9, 2022Leave a comment

Is this the year that you’re looking for a promotion within your company or considering making your next move up with a new company?

Are you waiting for company leaders to recognize your vast and impactful contributions or will you be proactive and pursue the recognition you deserve?

Many that are expecting to level-up are surprised to learn that company execs (and your immediate manager) are looking outside to fill the position.  The job description may even be posted, other times there may be a search among the executives within their individual networks.

In the meantime, you’re the perfect candidate.  You’ve made it clear to your boss that you want the opportunity, but you get stalled.  What can be your next step?

1.  SCHEDULE:  Strategize an agenda that focuses on your promotion opportunity.  Be proactive and intentional by scheduling a time with your immediate boss to review your interest, prove that you are the most obvious choice and find out what needs to happen next.  This meeting is about your qualifications for the job and the people and issues that will either embrace or stall your candidacy.

2.  PREPARE: Are you sold on being the #1 choice for a more senior opportunity?  If so, be prepared to communicate your impact and why you are the obvious candidate.

  • Start by WRITING DOWN YOUR VALUE PROPOSITIONS—what were your achievements and the impact for the company, your department and customers?
  • PRACTICE DELIVERING how you have contributed. Relate the value you bring to what they are looking for — demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge to provide solutions for their challenges.

Owning your value propositions, the impact you’ve made to create positive results, will energize you and increase your chances of being considered for a new role.


No One Cares as Much About Your Success As You Do

Let’s talk more about how your value will make a difference for your career trajectory.

Begin evaluating your value propositions with this tool:

Grab Your Value Proposition Worksheet

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