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Learn a Step-by-Step Process for Strategic Online Networking

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Propel your Career

Learn a Step-by-Step Process

for Strategic Online Networking


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2Actify online training is an online course that teaches a step-by-step process for strategic online career networking techniques that you can use with your
favorite social networking platforms.


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You’ve dreamed about the career that’s critical to your future.

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2Actify Online Networking course puts you in control of your career search.

“The spark that got me going was knowing that technology and networking is how people get ahead these days.”

What people are saying

Penny was my career coach for strategic online networking on LinkedIn. She’s very knowledgeable and her tips and coaching helped me tremendously to overcome many of the hurdles I was facing in my networking strategy; she assisted me in learning how to project my skills and strengths in a way that makes it easier to access for my network. She’s very meticulous, follows up to ensure I was advancing in my approach to online networking, and very accessible to answer questions and provide help when needed. Her vision about networking is valuable not only when searching for a job, but for a lifetime of career advancement. I give her 2Actify program 10 out of 10 and would recommend anyone looking for advancing their career to work with her.

Abla Tannous
Senior Molecular & Cell Biologist ★ Biochemist

As a result of what I learned about networking from 2Actify Online Training, I found my first position exactly the way they described it could happen!

I believe networking helped me land my new position directly out of grad school. I told my mentors what my goals were and started reaching out to nutrition managers early on. Lucky for me one of my mentors knew the nutrition manager with my new employer.  I’m motivated and plan on continually building my network and developing relationships.

University Student, Graduated, Masters in Dietetics

2Actify Online Training prepared and delivered an instructive, meaningful webinar on the basics of LinkedIn for my students who will graduate in May (preparing for careers as nutrition professionals/registered dietitian nutritionists). The content was relevant and accessible; and the presentation was paced so that everyone remained engaged. Students felt that the webinar was extremely helpful (same held true for me, their Program Director & Advisor) and every one of them has created a LinkedIn account since their introduction to LinkedIn. Great job!‬

‪Amy N.

The 2Actify Online Training course provides directly applicable information and practices for online networking that have been extremely helpful in my career search. Taking the course has empowered and motivated me to turn increasingly toward online networking as an avenue for career seeking and an alternative to applying through job boards.

Their team is very supportive and attentive, and it’s clear they’re committed to continuing to improve what is already an outstanding resource for job seekers. I would highly recommend the 2Actify Online Training program to other recent grads, or anyone looking to find the ideal next step in their career.

University Student, Graduated, Biological Engineering

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