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Getting the Job You Hate or Love

Getting the Job You Hate or Love September 14, 2018Leave a comment

The job-hunting process is already laid out for you…

You find an interesting position, apply online, then wait.  It’s one of many.

Wait, Wait.

2 months goes by.  Then,  the email arrives from a company recruiter for a phone interview time.  You interview and take their assessment or spend 5 hours on a project that qualifies you for the position.   It appears you’ll go to the next step.


This happens several times over the next few months. In some cases, you have an in-person interview, but the silence continues without feedback.

What are you doing wrong?  What’s wrong with you?

Then finally, you pass the phone call, and in-person interview.  You do everything by the book and respond the best you can to what they’re looking for.  It’s all about them because you can’t screw it up—you really need this job.

You’re not sure about the company culture and not so impressed with the people you’ve met with but… you really need this job.  

At this point, you’ll take anything.

After a couple of weeks, they make the offer and because you don’t want to risk losing it, you take it.  No negotiation.

Fast forward 3 months. Yuck!  Just as you suspected, something is amiss.  Is it the people, culture or the fact that you’re underpaid?  The thought of repeating the application process turns your stomach.  Another 3 months goes by.

Sound familiar?

Stop the downward spiral.

Start meeting and building professional relationships, meet interesting people and enjoy the process of advancing your career throughout your career.  The people you’ve met and those that know you can open doors to opportunities.

When you network, your activity and involvement with other professionals climbs and you begin getting calls and emails about openings that match your skills.

Now, there are a couple of opportunities in front of you.

You get an insider’s view of what the job entails and the company culture because someone in your network thought you may be a match for a job his company is looking to fill.

It’s sounding promising and you’re introduced to the hiring manager.  She already knows about you from your contact and is thrilled you took the time to interview with her.  She’s very interested in your skills and has heard a lot about you from your common connections.  You can solve her problem.

This job opportunity is one of two you’re considering and you are leaning toward this company because the position fits and you really like the people you’ve met.  The company is on a growth curve and they want you.

And… they really want you and you want them.

It’s been 4 weeks since the first call and the 2 companies you’ve interviewed with make an offer.

This time, you have options.  Your biggest challenge now is how to negotiate your salary and asking them to pay for what you’re worth.

That’s another story, but now you’re in control.

Make it Your Story.

Learn the networking and relationship building skills that will put you in control of your next career move.

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