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FRUSTRATION: A “Key Word” In a Job Search

FRUSTRATION: A “Key Word” In a Job Search June 16, 2017Leave a comment

Why Candidates are Frustrated in their Job Search.

How’s the job search going?  Here’s your opportunity to share your experience with applying for jobs online.  Do you feel valued?  Are you acknowledged?

The talent acquisition & HR community claim they cannot find talent.  However, it’s their system that has changed the experience for all.

A job search has been described as inhumane, humiliating, demoralizing.

Companies are spending thousands of dollars on improving the “candidate experience”, attracting new candidates and systems for retaining candidates, yet the recruiting department, the first exposure to the company, is usually lax in responding in any form to the candidate—and they are left “hanging”, waiting for some response that may never happen.

Online, some of the recruiter comments have been expressions of their frustrations about the job seeking candidate.  Some recruiters no perspective on how difficult it is to be the respondent.

  • The recruiter that complained about candidates arriving too early for an interview.  It’s bad news  to be a “no show” or late for an interview, but it’s bothersome to know that some recruiters take offense when you show up too early for an interview!  A 15-30 minutes arrival prior to your meeting gives you the opportunity to check out the culture and what’s going on at the company, and it’s good input for you to ask great questions during the interview.
  • Why do some online applications require you to spend all that extra time to tediously re-enter your resume information, which you just provided?  This is also ridiculous and cumbersome.  It shows you that the company is not sensitive to the candidate’s time and their requirement for you to fit into their structure and control.
  • Why don’t recruiters/HR/talent acquisition professionals want to be contacted during the application process?  It’s clear that they don’t have time to respond, but let’s face it, they are not interested in networking at this stage of the game.  By the time your application is in the system, your attempts at networking with HR may be construed as “manipulative”.  Networking is most effective when done prior to the job being posted and preferably with the hiring manager or someone that can refer you.

When you apply online and you’re not networking with your connections, your key words dominate as to whether you’re contacted or not.

If you’re motivated, then NETWORK. Your referrals can OPEN DOORS for you. 

If you get an introduction or you’re referred to the hiring manager by someone in your network that knows your capabilities, you’ll have a much better chance for an interview. You’ll get in early and bypass the structure and control imposed by the talent department’s system of finding candidates.


What have been your experiences?  Please make your comment and answer any or all of the following questions.

  1. How many online jobs have you applied to within a 90 day period?
  2. What percent of those required you to re-enter the information on your resume?
  3. On average, how long did the applications take to complete?
  4. How long did it take for you to receive an answer on your application, if any?
  5. What is your greatest frustration?

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