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Do You Want Options for Getting Interviews and Landing a Job Faster?

Do You Want Options for Getting Interviews and Landing a Job Faster? May 19, 2017Leave a comment


You have a better way to look for your career!

Do job boards inspire you?

Does applying online make you feel valued?

Does the online application process give you the power to shape your career?

With such a poor response rate from the job boards (less than 1%!), career-seekers rarely receive multiple offers. Because applying on job boards is so time consuming, a candidate may be so happy to finally receive a single offer that they accept it, even if it’s not the position they really want.

Career-seekers have called job hunting “inhumane.” Many companies use computers to match the applicant’s keywords with the job description, and if a resume is even seen by a human—a big ‘if”—the typical recruiter spends SIX SECONDS scanning it.  “Inhumane” may be the right descriptive word!

Under these circumstances, it’s difficult to not become discouraged during the career-seeking process.

Enticing Candidates to Apply

Over 50% of hiring managers say they have a hard time recruiting and retaining millennials.

Yet as career-seekers decide who they want to work for, employers struggle to find the right messaging that brands their company for attracting those very same career-seekers.  The truth is that job boards are designed for employers and recruiters, not candidates.

Employers are evaluating their company culture, and in some cases renewing their brand to attract and keep the talent they need. To work for a company that caters to keeping their employees, AN APPLICANT HAS TO BE HIRED FIRST!

How do you even score an interview if you don’t fit into the box?  

How do job boards, where you most likely don’t talk to a hiring manager, solve these problems?  

Well, they don’t.

The Solution is Strategic Online Networking: meet professionals in your field, ask for referrals, and open doors by building relationships.

Do you fit into their box?  Do you want to?

Networking is how to search for your career, outside of a job board box.

Company Employees are Encouraged to Provide Candidate Referrals  

Employees are encouraged to provide referrals.

So when you strategically network online, you:

  • Meet new people who are attached to opportunities and can refer you
  • Are recommended because your skills and achievements are recognized
  • Are valued for your potential to contribute to and grow with the company
  • Become the solution to the hiring manager’s need to hire talent

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