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Case Study – M. L., Head Of Facilities

2Actify Case Study

M.L. was a Director of Facilities with a real estate firm in San Francisco. His work required him to be the ‘go-to’ resource for agents, managers and clients, with anything having to do with facilities and the strategizing of productive workspaces.

M.L. made the decision to relocate, but without a developed professional network in place, his only option was to apply through job boards.

Implementation Date

April 2021


Pandemic effect

M.L. had a lot on his plate, including winding down his role in Northern California and planning for his move, while conducting a longer term job search. A major obstacle was the pandemic, which was leaving many companies unsure of their future workplace strategy and their requirements for managing facilities and office space. With many companies forced to consider direction and budget, and hesitant to make new appointments, M. L. discovered that openings were limited.

M.L. signed up for the 2Actify Individual Career Strategy Program with the goal of deploying a networking approach. He understood the need to market himself, build new relationships and identify unique opportunities through better communication.


Mindset shift

M.L. was highly motivated, ready to take action and very conscientious in his approach. He quickly became a proactive networker and enjoyed engaging with his new connections. He had an open mind to building new skills and was eager to apply them as he communicated with people he did not yet know. Importantly, he learned to communicate his value proposition, positioning himself as an appreciated resource for his connections when it came to building strong relationships.

Through interview practice, one-on-one coaching, and strategizing the handling of challenging and sometimes difficult hiring managers, M.L. made a transformation, overcoming his own self-imposed barriers. Though it was a longer process due to his move, lack of professional network and the impact of the pandemic, M.L. did not allow himself to be deterred. With the support of his 2Actify coaches, he diligently worked every opportunity available to him.

The 2Actify Individual Career Coaching Program provided M.L. with a strategic focus on his value and leadership opportunities. In addition, he was willing to invest in the actions that would lead to attaining his career goals.

M.L.’s strategic skills improved significantly as he negotiated the challenges of unprofessional hiring practices within companies that offered opportunities he was keen to explore.

M. L. received two offers and ultimately accepted a role that originated from a referral, with a company he had admired before his career search began. With the ongoing support of his 2Actify coaches, his networking, the delivery of his value proposition, as well as his relationship building skills, all significantly improved during his career search and on into the new role.


  • Landed a Key Position
  • Received 2 Competitive Offers
  • Received an Offer of a Senior Role within Months of being Hired

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