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Case Study – J. T., Technology Leader

2Actify Case Study

J. T. was an IT Leader with advanced AWS (Amazon Web Services) certifications and expertise applicable to Digital Transformation, Cloud Strategy and Architecture & Security. His work focused on Insurance, Banking and Solutions.

J. T. was applying online and, despite creating videos in support of his self-marketing, he was unsure how to approach executives within his network for referrals.

Implementation Date

April 2021


Developing an ‘Executive Strategy’

J. T. had spent a significant amount of time applying for new positions online yet, despite creating videos and submitting his resume, responses were poor.

J. T. signed up to the 2Actify Individual Career Strategy Program with the goal of learning how to change his approach and find success in his career search. He first learned that his approach to executive connections needed to change and that, instead of asking for help by passing along his resume for open positions, he needed to adopt a networking mindset, and re-engaging with his connections in order to develop stronger relationships.


Mindset shift

J. T. needed a mindset shift in order to approach his network for the purpose of relationship building and to communicate as a leader with other leaders. He accepted the changes that were needed and was open to doing the work required to implement this new strategy and present his Value Proposition.

This shift in mindset led to more targeted and career-focused activity, including the drafting of reconnection letters, with guidance from 2Actify, on his written approach in subsequent conversations. Through practice and one-on-one coaching, J. T. made a transformation from the fear of selling himself, to being able to confidently present his leadership and value in career conversations.

With a new-found networking mindset, and an understanding of his Value Proposition, J. T. presented himself as a confident leader, generating measurable career activity within the first month.

The 2Actify Individual Career Coaching Program provided J. T. with the ability to strategically focus on his value and leadership opportunities, accelerating his career trajectory and significantly increasing his compensation up to retirement. He became an action-taker, willing to invest in a process that helped to secure his career goals.

J. T. continues to implement his new strategic approach on a daily basis within his professional workplace, with his sights set on future roles that support the vision of his future career path.


  • Landed a Senior Role in 2.5 Months
  • Had 3 Competitive Offers on the Table
  • Became a Skilled Negotiator
  • Scaled up his Compensation by Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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