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Case Study – G. M., Sr Director of Data Science

2Actify Case Study

G.M. is an exceptional data science leader who drives a transformational technical team that delivers new sales revenue, improves customer-centric initiatives and supports partner collaborations.

He has contributed to his company’s rapid evolution, supporting the ever-growing customer population. His strategy for using data continues to add value to the company, making him a high-value employee.

Implementation Date

August 2021


Senior position

G.M. signed up for the 2Actify Individual Career Strategy Program with the objective of marketing himself for a Senior or VP role at a fast-paced tech company that valued data science. He wanted to plan the career steps that could lead to a senior position with one of the major tech players.

G. M. knew that he needed to step out of his comfort zone in order to grow his network and promote his value proposition to professionals who were outside of his company, but influential for his career trajectory.

He excelled in his expertise and understood that his skills added tremendous value, including the delivery of major revenue wins that contributed to his company’s growth. Hugely dedicated to his own success and open to taking immediate action that would help him to reach his goals, G.M. quickly implemented the 2Actify outreach system.


Value proposition

G. M. was a focused, strategic leader on the hunt for advancement opportunities and willing to take the necessary actions for building new relationships. As he reached out, he engaged better, delivering his value proposition, which continued to evolve.

G. M. stated that: “By far, the focus on delivering my value – during coaching and using the value proposition worksheet – was the single most useful exercise that changed my perspective on how to market myself”.

Through interview practice, one-on-one coaching, and focusing on a career path that was far beyond just a job change, he was determined that his choices would align with the opportunities he created for himself. And by knowing his own value, he was able to generate options that would lead to his goals. He was amazed at how, suddenly, new opportunities were on the table!

The 2Actify Individual Career Coaching Program provided G.M. with a strategic focus on his value and leadership opportunities, put him on a faster career trajectory and set him on a path to a very senior position, along with elevating his compensation.

G. M. was able to take control of his career by identifying his own value, strategizing his career, increasing his options and driving towards his goals. 

He received 3 offers in just 2 months, along with a counter-offer from his existing employer for an advanced position, a fast track to VP and the increased compensation that went with it.


  • Received 3 competitive offers
  • Received lucrative counter-offer from existing employer
  • Secured senior position with existing employer and fast-tracked for further advancement
  • Now sees himself as a high-value leader, in control of his career and with a strategy for achieving career and compensation goals

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