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Career Coach, Recruiter, or Headhunter?

Career Coach, Recruiter, or Headhunter? November 1, 2018Leave a comment

What’s the Difference and Why Should You Care?

Because it can be the difference between a getting a job or not, and how long it can take.  Learn more about who you’re working with for your job search…

A Career Coach is a trained professional hired by a career-seeking candidate.  The coach helps their client articulate their value in all of their communication, prepare for interviews and overall, IDENTIFIES ESSENTIAL SKILLS and a strategy that generates career activity.  A coach is paid by the career-seeker and is loyal to their clients that are job candidates.

A Recruiter can be an employee of the company and usually works in the HR or Talent Acquisition Department.  Their role is to find and screen for qualified candidates to be interviewed.  Usually, they are following a company recruitment process.  They will build relationships with candidates they’re interested in, but not for networking purposes.  They are loyal to their employer that pays their salary.

“Headhunter” may also be called a Recruiter but they are not employed directly for a client company.  They may be part of a search firm or be in their own business.  They are paid a commission by a company if they present candidates that get hired.  They do not to find jobs for candidates.  They search for candidates for the companies that pay them and are loyal to the corporate clients that pay them their commission.  Some are seeking clients for many companies and may not be knowledgable where they can answer your questions about a particular company they present.  It’s a good idea to do your own research to be prepared for an interview.  Much depends on their relationship with the company and their degree of professionalism.

At the onset of a career search, it’s important to know who you’re working with and their motivation—does this person work for you or the company that pays them?

Although it’s beneficial to include headhunters and recruiters in your career-seeking campaign, don’t depend on them for finding you a job unless you hit them at the perfect time—they have a position they’re working on for the company and you may be a fit.  Timing is everything if you can hit it right.

When you hire a coach, you have a partner in your career search and what’s needed to meet the right connections that will refer you.  Learn how to build your network with peers and hiring managers to increase your chances of referrals.  The right coach will help you build and execute your campaign so you have career options and find the right referrals and opportunities faster.

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