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Time to Pivot Your Job Search System to Land Your Ideal Role

Time to Pivot Your Job Search System to Land Your Ideal Role May 27, 2020Leave a comment

Having a routine gives us a set plan of action, familiarity, and stability. But we must be careful not to get stuck in a pattern that is not serving us well or does not work for the current time. To prevent stagnation, we need to regularly re-evaluate the actions that we are taking. This includes how we are searching for a new job and an effective and up-to-date job search system.

Is Your Job Search Method Giving You the Best Possible Results?

The way that we have searched for jobs in the past has followed a certain predictable pattern: we would find a job post, apply for it, and then wait, hoping that someone would reach out to us. But this job search system is often discouraging and does not produce the best results. You know about this because you’ve been disappointed to find out that you are just one number among the large pool of applicants that also applied for a role!

Why Do Job Seekers Continue to Look for Work Using Less Than Ideal Methods?

Unfortunately, even though it is not giving them the best results, many job seekers continue to perform the old method of searching for a job. It may be because they are stuck in this routine or because they believe that it is what employers want and expect. However, hiring managers prefer hiring a candidate that is referred, or one that they directly connected with, rather than one that comes through the impersonal application process.  According to Payscale, getting referred can increase your chance by 9X!

The Importance of Pivoting to a New Job Search System

When a system is not giving us good results, we must be open to looking for new solutions. Trying something new also helps us grow and presents new options. An article by the Huffington Post notes that it makes us more marketable and brings us more opportunities:

“Your desire to try new things should be centered on you and your life goals. But at the end of the day, a commitment to forging new life experiences makes you more marketable to the world. Other people begin to see new talents and skills and your entire ‘body of work’ becomes more appealing. This usually results in unique opportunities – both in your career and personal life.”

Why You Need an Effective System

A system creates order, efficiency and some certainty (who can’t use a bit of that right now?).  Having an effective process and job search strategy will help you to find the role that you want in less time.

At, we have created a job search system that allows you to efficiently develop your network, build solid business relationships, and get you directly in front of decision makers. Our program is offered through both individual and group career strategy sessions.

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