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Accelerating your Career Advancement with Online Networking

Accelerating your Career Advancement with Online Networking February 1, 2018Leave a comment

When you Start Strong in Your Career, Advancement Can Happen Quickly

Emily was a determined and focused dietetics and nutrition grad student who had two job offers in her exact field of study before graduation. For her, online job applications had been “inhumane” and responses—if any—took months. Her solution was to take control of her job search by building professional relationships through strategic online networking. She created options for herself by taking actions that she learned in the 2Actify program.

Career Advancement through New Professional Relationships

After beginning her first job, Emily was immersed in the day-to-day responsibilities with clients, yet always made time for engaging with leadership, co-workers, outside sources and clients. When it came time for her next career move, she landed a new position that would allow her to flourish and grow her position and impact within the company. As the only Registered Dietitian in a growing organization, they would be counting on her to develop a new program that could be replicated throughout their multiple facilities

She was also offered a major boost in her compensation.

Communication and Collaboration that Can Advance Your Career

As Emily went through orientation for her new position, she was aware that her current network could be valuable. She quickly contacted her prior supervisor to discuss some needs. This colleague introduced her to key individuals who were very experienced in developing nutrition programs for organizations—the exact resources she needed to grow the offerings in her new company.

Emily met new colleagues—she would also be a collaborator and resource for them as well. Her expanding network included professionals across the U.S. They offered supportive resources that would help her build a successful program at her new job.

By tapping into her growing national network of connections, Emily is well on her way to building a successful program and creating opportunities for her future with professionals who know her capabilities.

When you take action steps to build your career, the skills learned and people you meet along the way are your resources for information, opportunities and referrals. When you begin taking actions sooner, you can earn income faster and increase your overall lifetime earnings.

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