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2Actify Career Strategy Coaching... accelerate your career progression!

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Book your Free Discovery Call with us now and learn why 75% of our clients receive multiple job offers within the first 2.5 Months.

Find the Right Job Faster


Your career trajectory belongs to you when you have a networking strategy and a clear value proposition.

Most people still approach their job searching through job boards and remain totally dependent on their resume and profile. Yet it’s been proven that applying for jobs in this way has an extremely high failure rate. Most applicants, in fact, never even receive a response. This approach can be disheartening, leading many job seekers to settle for whatever is offered, even if it’s not a job they want, or that makes best use of their skills.

A team of career strategists and marketers

Develop YOUR career networking and marketing strategy

Most professionals believe they know how to network, but without a deliberate communication strategy and marketing plan, their actions can easily fail.

Own Your Value and Advance Your Career

Own Your Value Workshop is a career development program for your company that develops confident leaders and advancement opportunities.

  • Retain & Attract High Performing Leadership Talent
  • Empower and Engage leaders and their teams
  • Improve Engagement, Performance, and Communication
  • Build Leadership Confidence  opportunities
  • Speed Advancement with a human-centric approach

Turn your Network into your Ambassadors

Effective career seeking and advancement opportunities require a strategy and goes well beyond online applications, passing around a resume, or creating a profile.

When you market yourself using the proven 2Actify program, you learn to engage with the right professionals and receive direct referrals to hiring managers that are in the market for your skills. The foundation of your value proposition strengthens your ‘brand message’ and abundant career opportunities quickly begin to come your way. Now, instead of working at a single job offer, you have career choices!

The reality is that a powerful career strategy must include developing a life-long professional network and requires specific business communication skills for building the right relationships.

Career Focus, Deliberate Actions, Transformation

2Actify’s Career Strategy Programs deliver the exact steps required for effective networking that results in powerful relationships and introductions to hiring managers. Once you begin, you’ll find that reaching out to your network for referrals, and clearly articulating your value proposition, will soon become a natural way of communicating.

You’ll engage in a step-by-step program that has been specifically designed for your professional development and that helps you to achieve your career goals, replacing barriers with purpose and enabling you to confidently articulate what makes you extraordinary.

When you sign up to a 2Actify Career Program, you’ll be making an investment in your long-term future and can look forward to results that are transformational.

Drive your own success

Take control of your career trajectory today

Our Clients

Our clients invest in their professional development, disrupting the traditional career trajectory. They deliberately market themselves clearly and confidently, and recognize their true value as a solution provider, leader and influencer. They succeed at interviews and are able to negotiate better compensation packages for a fast ROI.

How we Partner With You

Here at 2Actify, we are partnered with you every step of the way, helping you to articulate your value proposition in your resume, profile, in conversations and at interviews. We have tools and strategies that will distance you from the competition, allowing you to secure multiple offers and scaled-up compensation, so that you have options to choose from.

You’ll project your leadership qualities, execute a strategic outreach plan and practice relationship building skills that will develop a strong network, resulting in direct referrals to hiring managers and talent scouts.

2Actify offers Individual Career Strategy and Group Programs. The skills you will learn will stay with you for the rest of your professional career, speeding up your career trajectory and defining you as a candidate of choice for any employer.


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2Actify Career Strategy Coaching... where technology leaders create their future!

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Book your Free Discovery Call with us now and learn why 75% of our clients have multiple job offers within the first 2.5 Months.

Want to learn from the industry's leading career strategists? Book your Free Discovery Call with us today!

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