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5 Work-arounds when LinkedIn STOPS your searches

5 Work-arounds when LinkedIn STOPS your searches October 12, 2018Leave a comment

LinkedIn wants you to upgrade and they have a few methods to encourage subscriptions to Premium Accounts. If you’re using a Free Account or Job Seeker Account and performing searches, you may notice meager or no results.  When this happens, you’ve reached The Commercial Limit.

LinkedIn won’t lift the limit and they’ve continued to tighten the restrictions to “encourage” members to upgrade to the paid Premium Account, Sales Navigator.  It has a lot of benefits but for those not in a position to upgrade, below are a few work-around suggestions with a free account or Job Seeker Account:

  1. Do your search and view the profile of the last visible Linkedin member, off to the right you’ll find a small popover that reads,”next search result”. 
  2. If you get the warning, try refreshing a few times to see if it will reset, but no guarantees.  However, the limit will reset on the first day of the next month.
  3. Search individuals by name since that is unrestricted.  You can also search for a category in a Google search and get the individual names you can search for within LinkedIn.
  4. Search within your network as it will not count against your limit.
  5. Within a profile of a connection, go to their Skills and Endorsements and reveal other targeted professionals to reach out to.

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