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5 Ways Online Networking Places You Ahead of the “Competition”

5 Ways Online Networking Places You Ahead of the “Competition” August 16, 2017Leave a comment

Lessons learned from Online Networking…

Unlike responding to job boards, networking to build and maintain your career growth is a democratic process.  A career-seeker’s effective effort will produce positive results and generate relationship opportunities.

  1. YOU DEFINE YOURSELF MORE CLEARLY: You learn more about yourself as you build your profile, an emerging portfolio of your skills and successes. Then, professionals begin inviting you to connect.  They want to network with you.
  2. REACHING OUT BECOMES “EASY”:  With practice, you begin feeling more at ease with reaching out for new relationships to those you’ve searched using filters or “key words” (or they found you!).  Your profile concretely shows what you have in common with potential new relationships and the skills that show your accomplishments.
  3. YOUR SKILLS ARE DEMONSTRATED THROUGH YOUR NETWORKING ACTIONS: You show your ability to network, build relationships and communicate in real time.
  4. NO DOUBT ABOUT YOUR SOFT SKILLS: Hiring managers watch as you enact the “soft skills” they’re seeking, those personal attributes that enable you to interact effectively with other people.
  5. And…HERE’S THE BEST PART:  Your confidence grows—and shows, just like your network.  Through a system of learning how to define yourself, reaching out for conversations and sharing your knowledge with like-minded professionals, your honed online networking skills will serve you today and throughout your career.

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