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5 Online Networking Skills that Position You for Success

5 Online Networking Skills that Position You for Success April 30, 2020Leave a comment

Many companies and their staff are transitioning to working and communicating remotely. This makes it especially important to hone your online communication skills for networking and interviewing to land the right job. You need to be prepared to stand out from the competition and understand how to navigate online tools. Below, we discuss 5 ways that you can position yourself for success.

Get Familiar with the Tools Used by Virtual Workers

Becoming familiar with the common tools that are used by virtual workers can help to put you ahead of the competition. For example, popular tools that are used for video interviews and meetings are ZoomSkype, and Slack. There are also platforms such as Basecamp for managing team projects. You can use appointment scheduling software such as Calendly to allow potential employers to book a time to have an interview with you. You can even add a link to your booking calendar in your resume. Another way that you can stand out is by creating a video where you talk about your value proposition to the roles you’re seeking.

Online Communication Skills for Interviews

Since the work from home space is growing and video interviews have significantly increased, it is important to know how to prepare. This includes having a good computer and internet connection, testing your technology before the interview, and making sure that your background looks professional. During the interview, maintain good body language and wear business clothing. Here are some tips for how to prepare for a video interview.

After an interview, don’t forget to follow up and show how you are an exceptional candidate.

Stand Out from the Competition

With more jobs becoming virtual, it is becoming increasingly important to stand out in the online world by improving your online communication and networking skills. But focus your efforts in places that can give you the best results. As a Forbes articles about standing out during a job search notes, “It’s not about how many applications you’re sending out. It’s about making sure the applications you are sending out communicate the best version of you.

Your most effective effort is through networking rather than online applications.  This is where you develop mutual business relationships and get referred to hiring managers and opportunities—it’s like a “ripple effect”.

Demonstrate Your Value

Show how you are the best candidate for solving the problems that your potential position needs to solve. You can give examples for how you solved similar problems in the past and offer ideas for how you would help to alleviate the company’s current problems. To stand out from the competition, try to do things that are different from what candidates normally do. For example, you could ask some of your past employers to create video testimonials for you, which you can share with your potential employers.

Reach Out and Grow Your Network

Differentiate yourself by learning how to effectively network online using LinkedIn, which is a top site for building connections with potential employers and people in your industry. These connections can lead to job opportunities. However, it is important to know how to build your network the right way to get the best results. At 2Actify, we offer both individual and group coaching options to get you started. Learn about each program below and set up a FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

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