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3 Ways to get Job Referrals Without Having to Ask

3 Ways to get Job Referrals Without Having to Ask May 15, 20231 Comment

It sounds simple but referrals really can be had in a few steps—even without asking for them.  

Beat the fear that holds you back and approach networking with confidence, clarity and knowing your value.  Here are the 3 steps for getting referrals without having to ask…

  • STEP 1:  KNOW YOUR VALUE by tracking your accomplishments and developing a story around them. Use this worksheet to see examples and learn how to create your value propositions.
  • STEP 2: PREPARE YOUR CALLS WITH A MINDSET OF GIVING:  You have much to offer, so instead of being “shy” about asking for help in your career search, communicate your skills and value as a resource for them.  Do the research on your connection beforehand and you’ll know where to focus.  Your respect for your connection’s time and communicating in a meaningful way will lead to better outcomes.
  • STEP 3: BE CONFIDENT, CLEAR, AND BRAVE IN YOUR COMMUNICATION. When you go into the conversation as an equal and a resource (rather than asking for help), the doors will open.  Your connection will want to naturally reciprocate and begin suggesting how they may help you or who you should talk with in their network.

Finding great networking opportunities and knowing what to say  will lead to referrals for you.  If you want to dive deeper and learn what to say to get exploratory calls that lead to referrals on a consistent basis, then SCHEDULE A CALL with me.


Use the NETWORKING MESSAGING TEMPLATES offered below for ideas on approaching your network and rekindling relationships.

Message Templates for Networking Calls

When you know where to find great networking opportunities and you also know what to say to get their attention, you’ll have conversations and they will want to refer you.  Our CAREER STRATEGY PROGRAM supports you through each step.  You can receive abundant offers and offered higher compensation when you follow our program.  We’ll partner with you at every step!

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