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2Actify Chosen by Rutgers University Biomedical & Life Sciences PhDs

2Actify Chosen by Rutgers University Biomedical & Life Sciences PhDs November 30, 2017Leave a comment

2Actify is Chosen by Rutgers University Biomedical & Life Sciences PhDs
as their Career Readiness Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, NOVEMBER 28, 2017 – 2Actify, a program that teaches students, grads and alumni how to create career opportunities through innovative online networking, has partnered with Rutgers University, New Jersey, as part of their career readiness solution for their biomedical and life sciences PhDs. The program will be officially launched within Rutgers’ iJOBS program in January 2018.

2Actify Founder and CEO Penny Pearl states, “Rutgers evaluated 2Actify and learned the value of our techniques for post-doctoral and pre-med participants that will benefit them as they prepare to work in the professional environment. We designed the 2Actify program to ensure that subscribers master a proven step-by-step process for finding and developing online professional relationships that lead to career opportunities and referrals.”

Fatu Badiane Markey from Rutgers is a program participant and blogger. “When the iJOBS program offered Rutgers students the opportunity to take the 2Actify course for online networking, I wasted no time in putting my name down. After going through the 2Actify program and using the steps outlined as part of the program, I could see my LinkedIn page transform from an ugly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly  . . .  you see the results instantly and are compelled to continue networking and improving your profile.”

2Actify teaches strategic online networking to propel careers and is offered by colleges to their students, grads and alumni. It includes a series of online training videos with concepts and techniques for landing a rewarding position, creating future career opportunities, and mastering online communication and “soft” skills needed throughout a career.

In addition to Rutgers University, 2Actify has also been implemented at University of Vermont where students have found jobs faster—prior to or within two months of graduating.

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