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Learn a Step-by-Step Process for Strategic Online Networking

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Propel your Career

Learn a Step-by-Step Process

for Strategic Online Networking


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2Actify online training is an online course that teaches a step-by-step process for strategic online career networking techniques that you can use with your
favorite social networking platforms.


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What people are saying

2Actify Online Training was an extremely informative webinar pertaining to utilizing LinkedIn to emerge as a professional in my relevant industry. I left feeling energized and motivated to tackle the suggestions, increase my networking, and pursue job opportunities. I would highly recommend this webinar to other students who are approaching the process of job applications. Penny was supportive, engaging, and clearly invested in helping everyone in the group.

‪Tenley B.
University of Vermont

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with 2Actify Online Training over several weeks. During this time, I received guidance on ways to improve my LinkedIn profile in preparation for beginning the job search as a new professional. This included how to choose a photo, develop my work experience section, and attach published writing within my LinkedIn profile. The program content provided sound and valuable recommendations regarding my professional representation to the LinkedIn community. I will continue to utilize their advice as I develop my profile for use by future employers.

Margaret (Molly) M.
University of Vermont

I was lucky enough to participate in 2Actify Online Training. The program is well organized and easy to follow covering a wide array of strategies complete with personal examples. Each week, comments on something that I had improved upon or could improve in the future strengthened my profile. I can’t wait to keep making my profile stronger and putting my name out there. The guidance was invaluable!

Megan M.
University of Vermont