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What Professionals Are Saying About 2Actify...

I have been very fortunate to go through Penny’s 2Actify coaching sessions. The experience has been an eye opener and has helped me with planning and strategizing my career going forward. These are 3 key valuable take-aways: 1. Optimization of my Linkedin profile that focused on the value of my accomplishments and skills. 2. A networking strategy on LinkedIn to expand my career network and resources. 3. The creation of an accomplishment based resume that presents my value for positions I’m interested in. Overall, the results of our work together has provided new skills I’ll apply to advance my career. Going forward, I’ll work with Penny as a strategic resource.
Sateria Salim
Engineering, Manufacturing, & Development Program Manager that Drives Revenue, Improves Product Quality & Reduces Costs

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Penny Pearl, a career strategist and coach who I engaged with for my career search. Penny is very easy to talk to and creates a non-judgmental and safe environment by understanding her client’s situation coupled with asking the right questions. Our work together led to a paradigm shift for shedding my limiting beliefs that were preventing me from achieving my goal. Penny’s 2Actify Program is comprehensive and my CV and LinkedIn profile were transformed into dynamic and vibrant documents. During the interview process, whether it was with recruiters or potential employers, Penny’s training and support proved invaluable in instilling confidence to answer tough questions. She has been an active participant and guide during the entire process of a job search that resulted in finding my new position.

If you want an approach that allows you to confidently demonstrate your value for new opportunities, Penny will be there with you all the way.

Indira Krishnan
Research Associate in Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School (Laboratory of Dr.Marc Kirschner)

It’s been a pleasurable experience working with Penny and the 2Actify program in my career development. I learned a lot of useful skills from this program that was not available from my school, such as how to improve my profile and resume. I was provided with detailed guidance that also enabled me to introduce myself to other people with similar backgrounds and expand my social network. Actually, before I joined this program, I only used LinkedIn as a job posting board.

Linghui (Lydia) Li
Protein Chemist * Mass Spec Group * Analytical Research and Development * Protein Characterization * Lab Management

I had the privilege of working with Penny through the Rutgers iJobs program. She is an expert in her field. She helped me think how I can project my skills, strengths and work experiences to build a powerful LinkedIn profile. She guided me the right way to strategically network on LinkedIn and I now feel more confident in making important career connections.

Apart from that she is a very good listener, who would first try to understand the needs of her mentee before providing her input. I personally feel that her 2Actify program is extremely beneficial in today’s world where networking has become an extremely important part of career growth.

Nisha Mittal, PhD, MBA, PMP
Senior Scientist★Organic Chemist★Expertise in Drug Development★Leadership & Project Management Skills
Penny is exceptionally skilled at helping job seekers communicate their value to prospective employers. She is competent, knowledgeable, and personable. After doing freelance industrial design work on some very rewarding projects for almost two years, I wanted to move to a full time position. I missed the camaraderie of working on a team.
Penny taught me all of the skills necessary to land a full-time position in my desired field. She taught me how to network, how to attract the attention of recruiters with a great LinkedIn profile, and how to communicate my skills during interviews. With Penny’s help, I was able to land a great job in my desired field within 3 months. I can confidently say that Penny’s advice and coaching was the determining factor in my ability to communicate my skillset to employers and secure my dream job.
Most importantly, Penny genuinely cares about her clients. Even after our contract was up, she still regularly asked me if I had any questions or needed advice. That is a true display of integrity! I would highly recommend Penny for anyone who needs guidance on their job search.
John Mauriello
Industrial Designer - Design Strategist - Design Educator

Penny was my career coach for strategic online networking on LinkedIn. She’s very knowledgeable and her tips and coaching helped me tremendously to overcome many of the hurdles I was facing in my networking strategy; she assisted me in learning how to project my skills and strengths in a way that makes it easier to access for my network. She’s very meticulous, follows up to ensure I was advancing in my approach to online networking, and very accessible to answer questions and provide help when needed. Her vision about networking is valuable not only when searching for a job, but for a lifetime of career advancement. I give her 2Actify program 10 out of 10 and would recommend anyone looking for advancing their career to work with her.

Abla Tannous
Senior Molecular & Cell Biologist ★ Biochemist

The 2Actify Online Training course provides directly applicable information and practices for online networking that have been extremely helpful in my career search. Taking the course has empowered and motivated me to turn increasingly toward online networking as an avenue for career seeking and an alternative to applying through job boards.

Their team is very supportive and attentive, and it’s clear they’re committed to continuing to improve what is already an outstanding resource for job seekers. I would highly recommend the 2Actify Online Training program to other recent grads, or anyone looking to find the ideal next step in their career.

University Student, Graduated, Biological Engineering